Monday, November 17, 2014

Winter exhibition

Look what you van create with the patterns and blocks from our book.
The first three quilts are from the very beginning of our Paper-Pieced Garden adventure. The design didn't fit on the book pages...but we used elements of it.
The green one is the original and the blue ones from students in 2010.

 Autumn Dance (left) and its Christmas variation.

 Summer Rose Garden (left) and the small christmas variation

 The Fairy Ring design is used for a Christmas Night
(some people mentioned that this quilt can go to Bruxelles: European Union)

The Daffodils and Amaryllis, combined:

Different fabrics...

New design...

Table runner

Thanks to all the quilters...for your time, enthousiasm and energy to make the quilts.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's Christmas time

During the summer you have to think about your Christmas decorations...and a new quilt as wel.
This one is inspired by our quilt: Fairy Ring.
Simple,but really christmas!

Don't forget to make a quilt for our show in November.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Little creatures

This pictures were posted on Facebook by Marleen Jonkers.
These nice little creatures are from a new pattern....

 You  can find the pattern at: Quiltplaza
Order it in Dutch or English, just what you want, on paper or as a download

The whole quilt looks like this:


Thanks Marleen for your pictures!


ps. If you want to see the quilt in real: You have to visit the OEQC.

And if you want to see some of the quilts from the book and buy the book or some patterns: Maaike is at the Quiltfestival in Birmingham, you will find her at QAI13

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Bright colours, always a lot of inspiration in the Garden!


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Where are the birds?

The birds are on their way to Appeltern. There is a nice exhibition next week in the gardens of Appeltern. You can make this nice paper-pieced birdhouse during the show at the Orangerie. You will find us there.

The appliqué birds will be there too, I promiss you!

For more information:

Have a lot of quilt fun

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Daffodils or Christmas?

 If you simply change the fabrics, flowers and appliqué pattern  you go from the original daffodil quilt to a Christmas one...I love the background fabrics, it makes the quilt fresh, but also with an antique look.
Don't forget to make your own version of a Winter/Christmas quilt for the show in Nieuwegein (november 2014)

If you want to see our quilts: the next opportunity is the Exhibition "Tuingeluk" organised by the Dutch Quiltersguild.
For more information see their website:
We have workshops and demo's during all the 4 days of the show.


Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring and purple

Marlies made this nice little spring quilt...This pattern was made for Quiltnieuws, the magazine of the Dutch Quiltersguild. I heard last week that several people are busy with this quilt, but here is the first result!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tweet, tweet

 Look at these birds! The pattern is used to sew an iPad cover.
Thanks Anne-Marie de Jong for sharing this pictures

If you like to see the quilts from our book and more....visit the exhibition in Rijswijk from 4 till  6 April!

We love to tell you more about our work and all the possibilities!


Monday, March 10, 2014

Oproep aan Creatieve Quiltsters

Met de quilts uit “A Paper Pieced Garden” maken we in 2014 een tournee langs verschillende quiltbeurzen en quilttentoonstellingen. Als het kan proberen we dan ook steeds te laten zien, wat voor mooie andere quilts je met deze blokken kunt maken.
Het lijkt ons leuk om aan andere quiltsters te vragen of zij, op basis van de blokken en lay-outs uit ons boek, mooie Kerst- en winterquilts kunnen maken. Die quilts willen wij dan graag, samen met de Kerst- en winterquilts uit ons boek, tentoonstellen op de Handwerk- en quiltdagen die van 14 t/m 16 november 2014 in Nieuwegein zullen plaatsvinden. Deze dagen vonden eerder in de Rijnhal in Arnhem plaats.
U mag uiteraard zelf aan het ontwerpen met de blokken uit het boek, maar wij zullen ook zorgen voor een regelmatige aanvoer van inspirerende ideeën. Hierbij vast het eerste idee: een kerstquilt die gebaseerd is op de quilt “Jug with Tulips”uit “A Paper-Pieced Garden”.
Opgeven kan via en via  Wij hopen dat u zin heeft om met ons mee te doen.
Met vriendelijke groet,
Françoise Maarse en Maaike Bakker

maart 2014

The lay-out and blocks are from our book...A new combination of patterns!
Nice for Christmas.
Are you allready inspired to make your own quilt with blocks from the book?
Let us know, we love to see them.

Françoise and Maaike

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Quiltnieuws: aanvulling op patroon.

Hieronder even een aanvulling op het patroon dat in Quiltnieuws 119, maart 2014 is gepubliceerd.

Op de patronenpagina van Quiltnieuws staan de mallen van het vierkant en de driehoekjes, de steeltjes en blaadjes niet op ware grootte.
De mallen en de twee paper-piece blokjes moeten met 200% worden vergroot, de applicatie stelen met 128 %.

Succes met maken van dit heerlijke voorjaarsquiltje


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Vogels in de tuin/Birds in the garden

After finishing the book, we still had ideas...
We decided to make patterns of this Dutch and English. Not in inches but centimeters.
Collect them can buy them at exhibitions as a paper version, but they are also available as e-pattern.
We started with some Dutch patterns (the English ones will follow)

The first one is:

Vogels in de tuin
Lovely isn't it? All these birds are living in Maaike's garden...
The paper-piece blocks have very, very tiny pieces...and are really charming.

You can find the e-patterns or
Have a look at those websites to find out more....

Have fun,
In the Netherlands we had today a lovely spring day....perfect to work in the garden, looking for some Gnomes...


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Deze leuke gieter is van Maaike Bakker.
Dit patroon krijg je als je wat bij haar koopt....
En dat kan dus vanaf morgen op de handwerkbeurs in Zwolle.
Klik op bovenstaande  link voor alle info en het aanschaffen van een e-ticket!

Alle quilts uit het boek A Paper-Pieced Garden zijn te bewonderen.
Maaike en ik hopen u daar te zien!

Tot ziens,
Maaike en Françoise

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Where to go?

There are book signings on Saturday the 25 th!
Maaike is at the Quiltshop in Oldenzaal
Françoise at the Quiltshop in Dreischor
More about times etc. on the Events page


Friday, January 17, 2014

Zaterdag 18 januari

Amaryllis, uit de Quilt Galery
Open dagen bij:

Cordi atelier in Groningen van 10.00-16.00 uur
Maaike is hier aanwezig om het boek te signeren en geeft u graag ook meer informatie over de workshop van zaterdag 19 april (bij Cordi) voor route en meer informatie

Quiltshop 'Leur' in Etten-Leur vanaf 9.30 uur
Françoise is hier voor het signeren van het boek, het beantwoorden van vragen en u kunt dan meteen ook inschrijven voor de workshop van zaterdag 19 april (bij Leur) voor route en meer informatie

Graag tot ziens morgen in Groningen of Etten-Leur.
De quilts en boeken staan klaar voor vertrek.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Marina's Quiltcorner

 Last saturday I visited Marina's place...
Easy to find!
 Lots of fabric in all colors of the rainbow...
I have to come back when I start a new quilt!
And this was my table during the signing. 
I am happy to have some quilts back.

Booksigning saturday 18 January:
Françoise: Quiltshop 'Leur', Etten-Leur
Maaike: Cordi Atelier,Groningen


Friday, January 10, 2014

Book signing at the Quiltcorner, Den Dolder

Tomorrow there is a book signing at
de Quiltcorner
Pleineslaan 32b
3734 EN Den Dolder

Open at 10.00 am

I hope to meet you there to chat, to sign your copy of the book and maybe to help you collecting some fabrics to start immediately!

These quilts are ready for there trip...

And the UPS-mail man brought me a gift: Huh, a book of my own...?

But the surprise was inside...the book is signed by all the employees of the publisher Martingale and Company.

I smiled, cried and smiled again.
A very big smile!
What a nice gift, thank you so much